The B4RN network is already on the fringe of the village and some of our residents have been enjoying the 1,000Mbps symmetrical (download and upload) broadband speeds this service provides.

To extend the network to St Wilfrid’s Primary School, The Community Centre, businesses and homes, is relatively simple – but we need your help.

Halton with Aughton Parish Council have started discussions with B4RN about extending this fabulous network into the heart of the village, so we are reaching out to you to establish demand.

Fibre to the home, abbreviated to FTTH has many many benefits, one of which is the subscriber no longer needs to take a traditional telephone line from BT in order to piggyback there ADSL broadband connection upon.  Your new fibre line can also be used to make and receive voice calls as you previously did, with the added potential of reducing your telephone bills too!