our network

B4RN is a 1000Mbps asynchronous service. It is currently in a league of its own for the level of service provided.

The Halton network is a collaboration between B4RN & B4RN 4 H4LTON. In turn, B4RN 4 H4LTON is a collaboration within itself. The steering group (who are primarily concerned with overall co-ordination and the path of the core route), and the Blocks headed by one or more Local Block Champions(LBCs). LBCs primary focus is on finding a position within the block for a splitting chamber, and also the route from the chamber to each house in the block. In reality, there is a great deal of crossover, with people taking on varying degrees of responsibility from time to time.

The map below shows the proposed core route and the proposed chamber positions. These are all subject to wayleaves and permissions being granted from land & homeowners. The chamber positions are also subject to the same agreements.