3 Digging Dates for your Diary

A great deal of progress has been made on core route planning the by the B4RN 4 H4LTON volunteers, and as a result of all the hard work we are happy to invite as many of you as possible to join with us to start digging part.

The digging will go from The Centre up to St Wilfrid’s School, roughly taking the route shown by the green line on the map which can be seen here.

Digging will take place on the following dates:

Saturday 05th August, 9:00am – Meet at The Old Smithy, High Rd.
Saturday 12th August, 9:00am – Meet at The Centre.
Saturday 19th August, 9:00am – Meet at The Centre.

The more of you there are to help the easier and quicker progress can be made. The digging will mainly be through soil, and if you have tools in the form of spades and picks please bring them with you. However, it is more important that we have you, even if you don’t have any tools to bring… So, do not let the fact you don’t own a spade stop you from coming along.

Updates and information as it happens will be placed on our Facebook page if you haven’t been on and ‘liked’ our page yet please do it now so you are up-to-date with the latest information.

Old Smithy Digging – Progress Report

You will no doubt be happy to know that the hardest part of the route above has already been dug, and ducting has already been placed in the trench and then back filled. A team of 6 braved the weather a couple of weekend ago and made great progress. This is an essential part of the route completed in reaching the School.

Just think how fast we could progress with a few extra hands. So if you van spare 30 minutes, and hour, or even more please come along. Every little helps.

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