B4RN HQ News Update – New Support Services

Hi to all customers old and new. We are now able to provide support for you all at our newly refurbished headquarters in Melling.
We are going to run a club on a Friday afternoon where you can call in and bring your own devices and learn tips and tricks. We can all help each other and share information. There will be someone there to help with ordinary computers, apple computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

We will also provide assistance with indoor wifi issues and show you how to get the signal round your house if it has thick walls. We can support you with freephone installations and show you how to set up your new phone lines. We can help you set up new free email accounts, or if you want to get your own domain we can help you set that up too.
Working together within the club there will be members who can do things and help others. Some people are really good at setting up TVs, some are good with social media, and if there is anything you want to know we can always find someone to help. Bring your questions, and let’s get them answered.

All ages are welcome. Please pass this email to anyone in your family who would like to come. The club is free to join, but if you have any cake please bring it, we will supply tea and coffee. You can stay for 10 minutes or all afternoon. The first one is this Friday, 29th July, and every Friday thereafter from 1pm until about 5pm.
There is no set agenda, whatever you want to do we will do it. Come and join us and enter the digital world, where you can learn anything at all you want to. Some weeks it maybe a bit busy, but we’ll always try to find someone to help everyone, and it can be a social occasion and not heavy learning if that is what you want.
Suggested ideas so far:
•    How to make the most of tablets
•    How to use a smart phone abroad for free calls
•    How to use googledocs
•    How to share documents
•    Install Apps
•    Install and use Skype
•    Facetime
•    Pinterest
•    Twitter
•    Start a newsletter
•    How to join Facebook
•    How to leave Facebook
•    How to make a Facebook page for your business or charity
•    How to make a free web site
•    How to get free email account
•    How to login to the B4RN router to change the password or set up parental controls
•    How to choose a free phone line
•    How to set up a vonage phone
•    How to backup your files
•    How to choose a battery backup in case of power cuts
•    Carelines for the elderly
•    Demo models of ‘things’ to try before you buy
•    Ebay to buy or sell
•    Ordering shopping/groceries online
•    Watching catch up tv
As the weeks go by and we find out what people want to know, we’ll add plenty of others to this list, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, then now is the chance to find out what you don’t even know exists out there. Complete beginners will mix with experienced users in an informal setting and share the joy of this brave new world. All are welcome. Bring cake. If enough people want a specific masterclass, we’ll set one up and let you know when its happening.

For those who don’t need any help, please consider coming along to help those who do?
For those who can’t make it on a Friday please visit the resource section of B4RN website where there are already lots of help files, and this group will be adding more once we know what it is you want to know!

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