B4RN – Providing a FREE Connection & Service For Community Areas

B4RN is a local community project, and as such provides a world class internet connection FREE OF CHARGE to The Centre @ Halton, for the benefit of the villagers.

In Halton, B4RN would be provided free of charge on the provision it can be accessed by the users of the facility.  This FREE service is available in the Community Centre.

It is therefore essential that all residents that reside on the critical path to these premises are onboard with the B4RN project.  Without your support, the village, and the community organisations could miss out on gaining a valuable asset.

The B4RN project is organised and run mainly by volunteers.   Each community provides its own volunteers, and they organises the work accordingly.  In practice, as the work moves from one community to the next, a new set of volunteers takes over their local area.

There are many key links in the village, and this is the current focus for the B4RN 4 H4LTON team.  We already have have the necessary permissions to link the Community Centre to the school, we now just need to get a complete set of permissions in place to get into, and around the village.

The installation of the main trunk causes minimum disruption, and we are happy to visit anyone who may have concerns about this, to discuss any questions you may have.  We would be happy to provide photographs of other areas where the installation has already taken place.  The cable ducting is only 16 mm ( inch) in diameter and once the turf has been replaced, there will be no sign of the disturbance.

We hope we will be able to connect to the Community Centre by Christmas.

Kind Regards

RT & The B4RN 4 H4LTON community

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