Dig & Pull – Saturday 12th October 2019

A big thank you to all the volunteers who turned up to the last dig.

We didn’t manage to complete all the work that we had scheduled; therefore, we will continue with the following program a week Saturday, the 12th of October.

What is happening on Saturday the 12th

We need to dig across Mr Shaw’s lawn, which is approximately 37 metres, and also a little section across Thornfield’s land. We will also have eight lengths of 130m of duct to pull across High Road; we will need plenty of hands for both tasks.

We need a group of volunteers to help pull ducting, digging shallow trenches, as well as labelling, co-ordinating, running errands, and brew making!

Where to meet

Meet for the dig @ 9:15 am,12th of October 2019 @ Thornfield off High Rd. (See map below)

As usual, if you can take a minute to let us know if you can, or cannot make the dig by clicking the survey below we would appreciate it.  Indication your availability helps us plan for numbers, allowing us to get started as soon as we can on the day.

Please come and help and have some fun at the same time.

Meet @ Thornfield off High Rd @ 9:15 am on Saturday 12th of October