Does you block have a champion?

Great progress is being made in Halton on installation of the core infrastructure for the B4RN fibre optic network, with may volunteers working hard to get the hyperfast internet connections to their community.  Everyone involved in B4RN 4 H4LTON is a volunteer, and everyone involved has been working tirelessly on moving the project forward.

At the beginning  for the Halton project the planning team split the village into blocks.  Halton being a larger population than many of the other villages that have installed B4RN needed to be split down in to manageable chucks of houses. We then asked for interested members of each block to come forward and become a Local Block Champion (LBC).  The role of the LBC was to liaise  with neighbours, and to come up with an idea of who in their block was showing an interest in B4RN, and what route people would be happy with when considering how to connect each house to the network.

Blocks with LBCs are seeing momentum building, with digging already starting in some, and planning advancing in others.  However, there are a number of blocks that despite having many registered users are still without a LBC.  This map highlights which block have LBCs, and which are still without.


Download the above LBC List in PDF format


If you are interested in B4RN and can see you block is without a LBC, perhaps you might consider becoming more involved and help drive progress of B4RN in your section of the village.

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