If you don’t do this, and you end up taking B4RN between March 2021 and March 2022, you will miss out on a free grant payment of £150 for yourself or the Halton Village Community Fund.

The deadline for government (DCMS) funding registrations is 28th February 2021. This is the last chance you have to register your property for the grant.

B4RN has a period of 12 months after your registration date to activate the grant against your property.

B4RN can only activate a grant for a property that:

  1. Has registered before the deadline.
  2. Has chosen to take B4RN in the following 12-month window

Anyone registered that decides not to take the B4RN service will see the registration lapse after 12 months. This is the only loss. There is no cost to you for registering, and there is no commitment or pressure to take the B4RN service after.

So if you think there is even the smallest chance you may be interested, please don’t miss out. Register now, there is nothing lost.

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What is the £150 grant for?

We claim grants against properties that go live with the B4RN service in the funding window. The government pays these from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS). 

The value of DCMS grants paid to B4RN are:

£3500 for a property that has a registered business operating from it. And £1500 for a residential property.

This money is to reimburse all infrastructure providers, in our case B4RN, for the initial investment they are making.

B4RN makes a portion of these funds (£150) available to registered & activated properties, for completing the connection from the edge of your property to your house.  

The connection is usually a simple task that involves laying 7mm ducting from the box at the edge of your property to the wall of the house where you wish the connection to enter. (advice is available from your Street Rep). Where this process is completed by volunteers from the village the £150 is paid into a Halton village Community Fund. 

Register now, there is nothing to lose.

visit Now so you don’t miss out