How to Get Connected

B4RN Network

B4RN is a 1000Mbps synchronous service, this means it has the same upload & download speed.

It is currently in a league of its own for the level of service it provides in rural and semi-rural areas. Even some cities would struggle to compete on service and don’t come close on price.

  • B4RN is delivered into your home via fibre optic cable.
  • You don’t need your traditional copper telephone line to have B4RN.
  • B4RN do not charge a line rental on top of their standard subscription.
  • The Halton network is a collaboration between B4RN & B4RN 4 Halton.

Connection Stages

    1. ‘B4RN Village’, is the programme B4RN are using to install the network in the village, using contractors and funding from the Department of Communications, Media & Sport.  This program leaves a connection at the boundary of each property in the village in, what is known as, a Toby Box.
    2. Register your property at the Get B4RN page.
    3. It is the task of the homeowner to extend the ducting from the Toby Box and into their home, terminated at the property using a house kit.  The homeowner can do this themselves. Or they can employ a local contractor to do this task, or parts of this task on their behalf. If the above work is carried out in this way B4RN will pay the homeowner a one-off payment of £150 for completing the work once their connection has gone live. If the village does this for you the money goes into the village fund for the benefit of the community.
    4. Once the connection from the Toby box into your property is complete the fibre can be blown from your local chamber into your home.
    5. The router can then be connected to your wall socket and you can enjoy your 1 Gigabit FTTH B4RN connection.