B4RN Service


At 1000Mbps (1Gbps) our standard gigabit service is hundreds of times faster than our average competitor. This means that every member of your household or business can use fast broadband simultaneously without frustration. Not many people need 1Gbps broadband just now, but you can rest assured B4RN will be able to exploit whatever the Internet requires, well into the future. You can even have an upgrade to 10Gbps but we’ve yet to find anyone who would know what to do with that!


B4RN broadband offers unlimited bandwidth (the amount you can download or upload) whereas other broadband providers often impose a limit and charge extra if you use too much. This is great for bandwidth hungry use such as streaming Radio, TV and films on services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.


Unlike slower ‘superfast’ broadband providers we don’t use any overhead copper landlines – all our ducts are buried. Water ingress doesn’t affect our fibre and nor do high winds. So next time there’s a storm you don’t need to worry about losing your connection!


No one in our area can offer a service anything like B4RN. Even slower ‘superfast’ broadband providers struggle to offer prices that match ours because they still require you to pay line rental. Once you have B4RN installed, you can dispense with your landline and use your B4RN connection for an Internet based telephone service (third party call charges apply).


We don’t have 24 hour call centres all over the world, but we do keep office hours in Melling with caring, knowledgeable staff (techdesk tel: 01524 238499). Our own technical teams who build and support the entire network have a next-day response policy for anyone with connection failure. In addition, we have a support contract with specialists TNP who respond to core network issues 24/7.

Register your interest for a B4RN service and a local champion will contact you soon.