School Field Dig Part 2 – Saturday 19th October 2019

What is happening on Saturday the 19th of October

This coming Saturday, we are going to dig the two remaining routes through the School field.  The 19th of October is the beginning of the half-term,  allowing us to get in the grounds without risk of interruption or disruption.  We will have the digger on hand as we did the last time, making the whole task far more straightforward.

We need to lay five 16mm ducts from chamber C near HiQ to chamber A a 110m away and take two 16 mm ducts to the north corner of the playing field 200m away. This is to provide a potential route to that part of the village.  We need to feed 7mm ducts to five houses from chamber C and 18 homes from chamber A, a total of 2900m.  We have a digger for the trench but will need plenty of hands for laying ducts and finishing off.

We need a group of volunteers to help pull ducting, as well as labelling routes, co-ordinating, running errands, and brew making!

Where to meet

Meet for the dig @ 9:30 am,19th of October 2019 @ The School Field Gates next to HIQ by chamber C (shown above)

As usual, if you can take a minute to let us know if you can, or cannot make the dig by clicking the survey below we would appreciate it.  Indication your availability helps us plan for numbers, allowing us to get started as soon as we can on the day.

Please come and help and have some fun at the same time.

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