We need you to get involved…

Do you live in one of the blocks in the picture above?
There are 2 phases to getting B4RN into our homes:
  1. Digging the main trunk around the Village
  2. Laying the smaller trunking that will connect the trunk to your home.

We are looking for volunteers from each of the blocks above to help coordinate this more localised phase. It makes perfect sense that the people in the best position to know how to serve your property, and your neighbour’s property is you!

Each local block coordinator(s) would assist the project by discussing with neighbours in their block the preferred and best route to take in order to get the connection from the trunk cabinet into your house. This could be via trenches in front or back gardens, under the eaves of houses, or even across garden walls (so yes it can be above ground but preferably underground). We think you’re in the best position to judge.  B4RN and B4RN 4 Halton will be on hand to help throughout.

If you would like to be involved or want to know more please get in touch by clicking here or by one of the points of contact list at the bottom of this email.