What’s going on in Hutton Roof?

Two weeks ago Norman visited Hutton Roof where most of the village is now connected.  Norman met Nick and his team.  Nick is a well organised and enthusiastic project manager.  The team was preparing to lay ducting at the south end of the village.  What they were doing was not rocket science, but Nick emphasised the importance of planning and attention to detail. For example, a quality cutting tool was used to make the cuts to ducts neat and square for future jointing and the ends were immediately sealed with tape to prevent any ingress  (we will need tons of insulating tape of different colours for various tasks!).

Hutton roof 2 hutton Roof

It is important to wind ducting off the drum carefully as kinks can cause problems.  Norman witnessed joining two lengths of domestic ducting, a simple two minute job.  Before bringing in B4RN to blow fibres the team checked their ducting by attaching a compressor to one end and monitoring the air coming out of the other.   That way they a discovered a cut caused by BT digging that they had not been informed about.
The team meets most Saturdays, please go and see what they are doing if you are interested.

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