When Can I Get Connected to B4RN?

I get a similar question emailed to me on regular basis from people all around the village, and it comes in various forms, however at the core it is basically ‘When Can I Get Connected to B4RN?’  The simple answer is that this is primarily down to you and your Block. You can see a list of all Blocks and the associated Local Block Champions below.

The B4RN 4 H4lton team are working towards connecting every single house in the village that wants a B4RN connection .  If you want a connection, you can have a connection.  It is as simple as that!

HOWEVER, for a small team this is a lot of work, and as we all know a lot of work takes time.  Throw into the mix that we are all volunteers, and that the majority of us work full time; it becomes apparent that progress can only be made at a certain pace. It doesn’t have to be this way though!

Let me try and explain what is happening.  The diagram below shows how the network extends through the village (consider all houses in the diagram below to be contained in a single Block):


Nearly every house in Halton will be connected to B4RN from the green cabinet situated at The Centre, this is where B4RN enters into the village.  From the cabinet we can take a larger diameter fibre cable that contains 110 fibre pairs, although for contingency only 100 pairs are utilised.  One or more of these 110 fibre cables will feed a Block, depending on the number of houses contained with in it.  Obviously the 110 fibres are bound together in one cable housing and are required to be separated, allowing just 1 pair to be fed to each house for your connection.  This is done via a splitting chamber, that once buried will sit flush with the land (see images below).

Splitting chambers are local to each block allowing the high capacity cables to span the larger distance from the cabinet to your Block, and minimising the distance individual fibre pair cables are required to run from the chamber to your home. This is where you can help get your block ready for connection.

Take a look at the Block Map at the top of this page.  Somewhere in your Block the chamber has to be located to feed your house with the fibre.  Here you have a few things to consider:

  1. The best position within your Block for the chamber to feed individual fibre pairs to each house.
  2. The best position so that access can be gained by an engineer should maintenance be required.
  3. The best position so that the high capacity cable can enter the chamber for splitting.
  4. Who within the block is willing to have it within their land.

Now… the astute amongst the readers  will no doubt realise there is a ‘Chicken and Egg’ situation here.  I can hear you saying, “Tell me where the high capacity cable is coming into my block, and we will get on with it!”, “Tell me where we can place a chamber in your Block, and we’ll get the HC cable to it” I reply.  In reality though we are all going to have to figure this out together.  You can find out if there are any blocking points or objections in your block that stop a cable run, or if there are any willing volunteers who would be happy to give a home to a chamber.  We can figure out if there are any similar possibilities or objections with wayleaves that help or stop us getting the HC cable to your block…

… And the best way to do this is to come down to a meeting, where we can sit down, and work through it together, and draw up a plan.

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